Make Your Scrap Valuable

An initiative by Scrappoint

Simplify the process of scrap handling. Scrappoint encourages all residential and commercial set up to organize for scrap pickup on a regular basis like daily (for bulk quantity), weekly or monthly basis.
Places where scrap is collected for recycling can schedule pickup earlier as per your flexibility and we carry out arrangements thereafter.
Once scheduling is done, we collect scrap on allowed time, day, date in a week or in stages regularly so that you skip worrying about scrap taking up space.
Housing groups , educational institution and business firms can relieve their scrap disposal issues as you won’t have to call or visit different vendors personally nor allow random scrap pickers in your premises.

We guide people about responsible recycling. We encourage them segregate materials which can be sold/donated and what requires to be disposed in garbage. Thus aiding in reducing garbage load which comprises many recyclable items. We can initiate waste management and reducing the garbage load at our premises ourselves. We serve you the necessary logistics, approach and assistance for your involvement.

Schedule your scrap pick up once and carry on our mission Make Your Scrap Valuable.